Companies in Calgary are shifting more and more work onto cloud computing systems. However, despite the massive increase in transfers, many employers resist using cloud computing because of concerns about data security. 

If you are one of those employers, knowing the potential data security threats, and how you can stop them, will make you more confident in cloud computing. 

Account Hijacking

Account hijacking is a simple security risk that can take place within your workplace. It is one of the main concerns of intrusion and data breaches, as unauthorized personnel can hijack and use valid user accounts. Password theft and phishing attacks can cause lead to it.

To prevent this from occurring, make sure you implement reliable and secure password policies in your company. Policies can include passwords containing a certain amount of letters, symbols or numbers, as well as changing the passwords periodically. It might sound outdated, but it can prove beneficial for your cloud’s security. 

Furthermore, the use of detailed logging tools is effective in keeping track of who is accessing your cloud systems. This extra layer of security can make a positive impact on your cloud computing systems. 

Data Breaches 

Breaches into your cloud system can occur due to an open port, a script with runtime access, or any other hole in the system. There are ways though to protect any data breach from occurring:

cloud computing
  • Use encryption protection that encodes readable data so that it is unreadable without the “key” to unlock it. It is a good starting point and will secure your data.  
  • Implementing Auditing, Monitoring, and Proactive measures within your system. Understanding any potential threats and risky third-party applications and devices, are essential to assessing risk and security threats. Implementing these measures can secure your company’s cloud for the long-term.  
  • Using a Closed Access Security Broker (CASB) system offered by an IT company in Calgary. The company will monitor network activity and limit high-risk operations such as downloading of files from the unsecured websites.
  • Use the JEA method of “just enough access”. This approach limits the amount of access a user has to files, so it is only functional, protecting more critical information in the process. 

Data Loss

While cloud computing in Calgary is designed to be resilient, that doesn’t mean the risk of data loss is eliminated. Systems can still crash, servers can fail, and your hardware can stop working, resulting in your files getting lost. 

The most effective way to prevent this happening is by scheduling system back-ups. Having your data saved at key points ensures that if there are any losses, your data is still available. Make sure you develop a routine, with both online (remote) and offline backups as part of your process. You should also have a disaster recovery policy if the unfortunate does occur. 

System Vulnerabilities

There is always the potential for vulnerabilities in a system, which can lead to breaches and crashes. To ensure that your system is always operating at full capacity with no issues, you have to implement a host of strategies to protect intrusions. This can include multiple firewalls, selective port monitoring, external security suites, and more. 

However, most significantly is the implementation of monitoring and auditing systems to ensure that you are prepared for any system vulnerability. Utilizing cloud computing means taking charge of your order and ensuring there are no gaps. 

Understanding potential security risks, and what you can do to prevent them is helpful to ensure that your cloud computing is safe. However, if you are concerned, feel free to speak to an IT services company in Calgary that can provide you with the protection that you need. 

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