With advancing cyber threats to companies, the importance of being aware of your business’ IT security infrastructure is becoming increasingly crucial. But how will you decide whether your system is vulnerable or not? Undertaking a cyber security assessment can provide the answer.  

What is Cyber Security Assessment? 

The goal of a cyber security assessment – also known as an IT security assessment – is to understand the risks an organization might face concerning its cyber operations. Much like other risk assessments, it assesses if any external or internal threats might damage the company’s mission, functions, or reputation, before creating a plan where such threats can be managed.

Key operational assessments include the following: 

  • Assessing the threats to a company and where those potential threats might arise from, including external forces (hackers, compliance systems or the public sphere) and internal forces (operations and employees). 
  • Identifying internal and external vulnerabilities within an IT infrastructure.
  • The impact that these risks on a company’s output and operations. 
  • The likelihood that the risks will occur, and how often they could occur. 

cyber security assessment

Assessing the potential risks requires a careful analysis of any threats and vulnerabilities in an IT system. Whether conducted internally or by an IT company offering IT security services in Calgary, it is imperative to schedule a cyber security assessment regularly. 

The Advantages of Implementing a Cyber Security Assessment 

  • Identify Vulnerabilities In An IT System

First and foremost, conducting an IT security assessment will help identify vulnerabilities in any IT infrastructure. Companies will have a clear view of any security flaws in their systems, and more so, can use it to build a better plan to prevent attacks from occurring in the future. 

  • Increase Awareness Of New Potential Risks

Newer threats can regularly arise without IT support staff being aware of them. Staying on top of these threats is paramount to avoid any damages in the future, and implementing a cybersecurity assessment schedule can prove beneficial against new threats. 

  • Gap Analysis 

A gap analysis determines the differences between the current and ideal state of information security within an organization. With a detailed breakdown of what is required to improve IT systems, companies can allocate the desired resources to ensure that the “gaps” in their system are filled. Thereby increasing their security protection. 

  • Discovery Of Valuable Assets

A cyber security assessment can also help locate assets within an IT system. An asset can include physical objects, such as computers, laptops, servers, and digital platforms, such as cloud, containers, and web applications. Having a thorough list of valuable assets – whether active or inactive – will help keep a live view of any potential threats from emerging on any asset.

  • Establishing a Baseline 

Undergoing an assessment will help set a standard of IT security controls, what is working and what isn’t. From there, a company will assess its IT security based on that standard. 

  • Mitigate Future Risk

No company can stop all cyberattacks from happening, but a company can prevent them. Following an assessment, businesses now have a platform in which they can implement a plan to nullify risks. Having a robust, in-detailed action plan can prove hugely beneficial to companies when any cyber attacks occur. When a company is prepared, they can mitigate the damage of a successful attack, so it does not severely impact its operations. 

There is no denying the importance of organizing and implementing a cybersecurity assessment. If you do not have the capacity to administer one, then hiring a company that offers  IT security services in Calgary can prove highly beneficial. Not only will you get an assessment of your IT infrastructure, but you will also have trained experts ready to help you with all your managed IT support requirements. 

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