Microsoft is announcing that support for several of their main stream products will end in 2019/2020. Although these products will still operate, they will no longer receive any feature or security updates. This means that computers running these software versions may become vulnerable to hackers. Microsoft recommends that users of these operating system consider upgrading to new versions. Read on to discover how Startech Business Systems will help you migrate your operating systems.

The following products are reaching their end-of-life:

Software End-of-Life Date
Windows 7 14 January 2020
Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 14 January 2020
SQL Server 2008 09 July 2019
SharePoint Server 2010 20 October 2020
Exchange Server 2010 14 January 2020
Office 2010 13 October 2020


First, we will conduct a site audit to determine the system state or your current computers. We will determine which computer systems are compatible with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016. We will check the main processor, amount of memory, available hard drive space, and appropriate video card. If you have computer systems that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements, we will develop a replacement plan for you. We can discuss numerous options available for you, including Hardware as a Service options.

Then, we will examine your license requirements and look at optimizing your resources. Optimizing your resources may reduce your overall cost of operating your suite of computers. We will also look at your resource management plan and provide recommendations on how to reduce your risk and improve your security. Startech can then provide a list of pros and cons for each recommendation along with pricing options.

Finally, our StarCare team will help you with the migration of your hardware to new operating and server systems. Our IT experts can complete backups of all of your important data and help migrate users to the new systems. We will work closely with you to ensure we minimize the impact on your business and complete the transition seamlessly. Contact Startech Business Systems today so that we can start your Windows migration plan.